MOOC Learner Project

Advancing Learning Behavior Analytics through Data Science

Each time a learner interacts with an e-learning system it is possible to capture a record of their engagement. Data comprising mouse clicks, video controls, problem responses, programming, collaborations and discussions then becomes available to learning science. MLP’s goal is to tap into the immense potential of this data to provide insights into how students learn and how instructors can effectively teach. The challenge is to provide technology and develop new approaches that transforms this fundamentally different set of observations into actionable knowledge.

MOOC Learner Curation

MOOC Learner Curated (MLC)

MOOC Learner Pipeline

MOOC Learner Quantified (MLQ)

MOOC Learner Modeled (MLM)

MOOC Learner Visualized (MLV)

MOOC Learner Docker (MLD)

MOOC Learner Data Science Analytics

MOOC Learner Data Science Analytics (MLDSA)

MOOC Learner BigQuery Data Science Analytics (MLBQDSA)

Blended Learner Data Science (BLDS)

MOOC Learner Reflection Analytics (MLRA)

EDx Extensions

EDx extension to measure code similarity (EDxXCS)

Gallery of MOOC Data Science with use cases

Blended Learner Data Science (BLDS) - Use-case of AppInventor